The return of a classic 562 RSPS. (Server is a Hobby)
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 In-Game & Forum Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game & Forum Rules   Wed May 09, 2018 8:55 am

MedevilScape has logs for everything including logins/drops/chat and more. Keep this in mind, we don't look unless we are required.
These rules also apply for the forums more or less.
General rules

These are fairly straight forward.

1. No scamming.
2. Bug abuse.
3. Player abuse.
4. Racist remarks.
5. Double logging, currently this option is not being blocked at this time(For testing purposes), don't abuse it.
6. DO NOT ASK FOR IN-GAME STAFF POSITIONS!!!! I am not taking any staff anytime soon.
Actions aloud
Rushing(Example: Dragon claws, G-maul burst)
Piling(Why some servers report this is beyond me)
Gambling(Currently we don't have gambling, might in the future.)
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In-Game & Forum Rules
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